1.0.4 beta available

Hey everybody, big thanks to the computer know how team and Mike Mckellip for this update. 1.0.4 Beta is now in our ForgeBox update channel and mileston completed: http://coldbox.assembla.com/spaces/contentbox/milestones/1076093-1-0-4-beta

We will now start building out the site and the documentation in preparation for an open beta. We only have a few more tickets left but ContentBox has arrived!

This includes some great stabilization to the core, latest ColdBox 3.5 final (hopefully) and lots of good stuff. The best part of these additions are found below.

Shucks the blogCFC importer didn’t make it :frowning:

Btw its looking real good, but I have a question. I would like to add some more functionality, I thinking a module due to the fact that this needs a url entry point. So what is the best way to go about this do I create it like any other module, and where would I stick it considering that this would not be really core.

Yes 1.0.5 will my fiend.

You create them as normal coldbox modules. Look at the hello module for sample. It uses the admin menu service to do menu contributions and also build admin links.

So that is the place to store them then?

How does that module get activated, I don’t see how that menu is getting created. I just don’t see it in any of the menus.

You need to activate then manually. If you place them there then ContentBox controls them via the admin.

But where?

Hi Andrew

In this location config/Routes.cfm
==========LIKE THIS ============

// Base URL
if( len(getSetting(‘AppMapping’) ) lte 1){

Sana, I mean the module. I am aware how to do the route SES stuff. I just do not see where the module can be activated. Especially the hello world one.

Under the Modules/Manage screen. The route is cbadmin/modules to get there.

If you build modules that you want activated they would go in the contentbox/modules folder.

Curt Gratz

Thanks Curt,

I have a question though as it appears that pulling from the master upstream, didn’t run the required updates that would have happened during a standard update.

So to all, how would you recommend in this case doing this. Two separate installs one from git and the other for development?

How are others going to cope with this?