[1.2.x] Exception by clicking on "archives"


I get an “Oopsy”-Exception, if i click the archives.

This is the detailed error message:

“org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter”,“Die cb_content.publishedDate-Spalte ist in der ORDER BY-Klausel ungültig, da sie nicht in einer Aggregatfunktion und nicht in der GROUP BY-Klausel enthalten ist.”

It is a bit difficult to translate this to english. I will switch Railo to english later on to get the english version of the message.


There is a ticket raised already for this, and hopefully Luis will patch the next release with this.

Very good, thank you.

Actually, I don’t have a ticket for this?

What is the solution and where is this?


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Luis, this ticket was raised by me and it was posted in this mailing list over 12 months ago. This is the one that I jumped up and down about not being fixed yet.


And in case you can’t find the ticket or the post I made here is the code that I posted 12 months ago as a fix for this.

hql2 = hql & " ORDER BY publishedDate DESC";
// find
results.entries = executeQuery(query = hql2, params=params, max=arguments.max, offset=arguments.offset, asQuery=arguments.asQuery);
results.count = executeQuery(query = “select count(*) #hql#”, params=params, max=1, asQuery=false)[1];

There is probably a neater way of doing this, but this was quick and dirty at the time.


Yes can’t find the ticket in jira. Maybe It didn’t import.

What file is this on?

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Entry Service from memory.

Andrew I added a patch for this in the Repo, can you test it? In the admin-ui branch,