[1.5.6 ContentBox] ContentStore Error

Hi there, I went into ContentStore to see what type of content their selling, but…

Application Execution Exception

Error Type: railo.runtime.exp.PageRuntimeException : [N/A]
Error Messages: The DSL Definition {ref={null}, scope={variables}, dsl={model}, argName={}, name={activeContent}, value={null}, javaCast={null}, required={false}} did not produce any resulting dependency
The target requesting the dependency is: ‘ORMEntity-cbContentStore’

ID: ??
LINE: 111
Template: /home/rebate/public_html/coldbox/system/orm/hibernate/CriteriaBuilder.cfc

This is a new installation on ContentBox installed as a Blog-CMS in an existing Coldbox [3.7.1] App

Can any one help me out?..


How did you get the reference to ContentStore, and what methods are you trying to call on it?



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Hi Brad, I just click on “ContentStore” under “Content” inside Admin and that is how I got that error.

Thanks again

Ok Brad, I restart my server to see if was something related to cache or similar… and now I got my result of all my content.
I the issue reappears, I’ll let you know!

Thanks a lot