1st email and a question

Hi everyone,

First of all, this is my new email on this group since I’m new also on the Coldbox world.
I have a question that gotta be kinda dull for you guys but it is driving me crazy!

I have a cfproperty tag in a plugin cfc to inject another cfc. Both cfc are on their respective folders but within the same application.
But it seems the Coldbox is not injecting the cfc since I get “xxxx is not defined” everytime I try to use any method.

On the Coldbox documentation it says that the autowire feature is also available for plugins, so what am I missing?

Thanks for the replies!


Can you post your code?

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Hi guys,

Here is the code for my plugin:

And here is where I try to invoke a method inside the countries.cfc

<cfset rc.qCountries=countries.getUserCountries(’#session.user.user_id#’)>

Answers to Brad’s question:

The countries.cfc is in the model folder. The countryselector.cfc is in the plugins folder. Both of them are inside the application folder.

Thank you guys!