3.5 beta almost ready

Hi everybody,

Good News!! We will be eating some 3.5 Turkey if all goes well. We
have put some crazy hours to get 3.5 ready for beta and production

Here is the completed milestone as of now for 3.5.0:
This will include new release of the following:

WireBox 1.3.0 : https://coldbox.assembla.com/spaces/coldbox/milestones/421598-backlog-wirebox
CacheBox 1.3.0: https://coldbox.assembla.com/spaces/coldbox/milestones/421602-backlog-cachebox

Our compatibility guide and what's new guide will be finalized
tomorrow. Please test away on the development branch before we cut
the release soon and let me know how it goes. On the optimization
part, our load tests with both ACF and Railo are outstanding. We have
even on Railo some requests at 1ms per execution. We have the jmeter
scripts and test bed if anybody is interested, but overall, we have
seen an improvement of 20-30% more bandwidth and response than 3.0 and
3.1 due to the tremendous amount of cf7 compatibility code we removed.

Enjoy, and please we welcome your feedback to continually improve the
ColdBox platform.

Congratulations Luis,

This is fantastic news, well done and a thank you from everyone for all the hard work you put in.


really great news! daniel

Congratulations Luis and team and Happy Thanksgiving to all the US folks. It would be great if you posted the jMeter scripts. I would find this valuable. Cheers and thanks!

Nolan Dubeau

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