3.5 ExceptionBean

The error messages are different in 3.5 from 3.0. This is the message I get from 3.5:
Type: Builder.DSLDependencyNotFoundException
Message: The DSL Definition {JAVACAST={null},NAME={oSession},ARGNAME={},DSL={coldbox:SessionStorage},REQUIRED={false},SCOPE={variables},VALUE={null},REF={null}} did not produce any resulting dependency
Detail: The target requesting the dependency is: ‘handlers.WebService’
Tag Context: D:\Frameworks\Coldbox_3.5.0\system\core\util\Util.cfc (164) - D:\Frameworks\Coldbox_3.5.0\system\ioc\Builder.cfc (361)

In 3.0 I get this as the message, which is way better:
Type: Expression
Message: The element at position 1 of dimension 1, of array variable “AV,” cannot be found.
Tag Context: D:\Websites\www…com\model\iAPI.cfc (30) - D:\Websites\www…com\handlers\WebService.cfc (58)

3.0 ExceptionBean is pointing out the exact bug. But the 3.5 exception message is, well, not very helpful.

It is telling you that the dependency injection can’t be found.

I feel dumb. inject=“coldbox:SessionStorage” never threw an exception but i know the correct namespace is coldbox:plugin:{plugin}. 3.5 just doesn’t want this to keep happening.

Thank you.