[3.7.0] MailService Bug?

Hi there guys,

Line 76 is the same as line 73, is this correct?

if( NOT mail.propertyExists(“useSSL”) AND len(mailSettings.getValue(“useSSL”,"")) ){
mail.setUseSSL( mailSettings.getValue(“useSSL”) );
if( NOT mail.propertyExists(“useTLS”) AND len(mailSettings.getValue(“useTLS”,"")) ){
mail.setUseSSL( mailSettings.getValue(“useTLS”) );

Sorry Guys, I hit enter or something and the topic was created…

Line 73: mail.setUseSSL( mailSettings.getValue(“useSSL”) );
Line: 76: mail.setUseSSL( mailSettings.getValue(“useTLS”) );

In line 76: Shouldn’t be: mail.setUseTLS( mailSettings.getValue(“useTLS”) ); ?



Thanks, Fixed!

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Yes, probably. Can you submit a pull request or at least put in a ticket:



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