[3.7.0] Reset specific configuration

Ho guys,

I have some doubts about how to reset some settings without reseting the whole app
for example if I only need to reset i18n to grab new added phrases?

Is it possible to do something like: fwreinit=i18n&reinitPass=admin ?



There may be a way to remove/de-register the i18n plugin. It would get re-created the next time it was loaded. I don’t see anything in the PluginService but perhaps Luis knows of a way.



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I guess you could do it manually using the Cachebox monitor. If you want to do it programmatically, I don’t think it would be difficult to write code that would delete/expire the required component individually from the cache.


You need to clear the language settings. Dump the settings and you will see the key RBundles. If you clear that structure then the rb plugin will reload all languages.


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Perfect… thanks!