9.0.0 vs 9.0.1 plugin.renderer().renderLayout() spitball

I’m just throwing this out 1st as debugging is going to require me to setup an new environment first.

My local build env is Coldbox 3.0.0 / 9.0.1 / JRun / IIS7 / x64
My QA env is Coldbox 3.0.0 / 9.0.0 / Jrun / IIS6 / x64

When I run the renderLayout() from the renderer plugin on my local build env, the html string is correct
,when I run the code on the QA env, the html string is incorrect.

var event = getRequestService().getContext();

mail.addMailPart(charset=“utf-8”, type=“text/html”, body=getRenderer().renderLayout(layout=“layout.email.html”));

For whatever reason in a 9.0.0 env the event.setView() seems to be ignored, but functions perfectly in 9.0.1, just thought I would throw it out here before I really get into the debugging.


Hmm, don’t know why

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I haven’t got down to the why but what I have found is that on CF9.0.0

getRenderer().renderLayout(layout=“layout.email.html”, view=“emails/message”)

Coldbox 3.0.0 doesn’t render the correct view

but Coldbox 3.1.0 does

so this application is now Coldbox 3.1.0 :slight_smile: