A few Questions

A couple of questions…how do I make the session that is created when an administrator logs in available to the UI? I would like to modify the menu structure based and make links available based on that login.

Also, I’ve incorporated a twitter bootstrap theme into content box, but noted that there was no built in ability to do drop down menus. I modified the generate menu function to accommodate for this for now, but I know its not the proper way to do it. Do you have plans to incorporate this in the future? Or is it already there and did I just miss it?

Last one (for now)…Post Types: Wordpress has a post type concept where you can define different types of posts that can be used to create different views. By defining a custom post type, i could create blog posts that would allow me to display content in any way I choose which would not be included in the standard blog listings.

For example: A post type can be defined in the system as a calendar of events. This would include the event title, event description, event date, and any other meta data that was deemed appropriate. The default layout for that would be filtered so it would only display those entries defined with that post type, and those entries would be filtered out of the main blog. This creates a very flexible mechanism by which all types of content can be used within the system without programming specific modules. Widgets could then be developed to allow for excerpts of the different post types to be included in any template.

I can see developers creating all kinds of different post types that could be shared and uploaded to the base system allowing it to be easily extended.

Again, I see where we can add meta data to any post or page so you may have thought of this already and i may just be missing something, but I don’t see how it can be used in the way i described.

I would imagine it would be the same as any other ColdFusion Application, in other words check to see if the user is actually logged in and display that content or link.

As for the menus, I did raise a ticket to something like this last year as well and low and behold it was made invalid by Luis. Which upsets me because I wanted to do the same type of thing last year, and had to end up rolling my own AdminMenuService that would do this.