A new template

Hi all,

I am just trying to create a new ContentBox template based on Bootstrap and here is the first test drive.


I am planning to finalize at this weekend and please do not hesitate to share your comments/suggestions.


Oğuz Demirkapı

I like it, been wanting a good Bootstrap theme. Someone else had put one on github a while back, but they haven’t updated it: https://github.com/nolandubeau/ContentBox-Layouts

Ahha! IE SUCKS! :slight_smile:

Never tested on IE before and it is horrible! :slight_smile:

Let us see how to fix …


Just posted on


Most of the IE issues has been fixed too.

There are still some work to customize some content part and I will update at this weekend.

Please test and report any possible problem and I can fix them asap.

Oğuz Demirkapı

Template looks great!

Hi Oğuz, you are getting there. There is a problem with the social media navigation bar in IE8. I have attached a screen grab.


George Murphy


Thanks for the feedback.

I have fixed the top for IE 8 and IE 9 but I haven’t tested on IE 7 and I hope it works.

Github repo has been updated.


Nice work Oğuz. It looks great.


Thanks Curt.

Still not finalized it. Trying to move design components as widgets and adding some customization based on some config files which we can centralize later in a decent place. I just use /config directory with some basic JSON files now but it would be more easier to manage with an admin customization etc. and I will check for it later again.

All, please share your feedback on design and the code. Thanks in advance.


Hi guys,

I would like to ask your strategies about displaying code in the blog posts.

Bootstrap provides default simple code support as


But converting all code that we are going to embed into the format which is safe for this usage is a PAIN.

As I know there some extra plugins for CKEditor etc. Can you guys share which way you would prefer for working with code?

I just would like to copy paste my code and display as a code block. It also would be nice having coloring support for CF etc.

Thanks in advance.



I feel like we would need a plugin for pretty code support for ContentBox.

I will check for this but wondering whether anybody tried anything before?


Hi Oğuz, I’m not sure how you would do it but it would be nice to be able to see the code blocks as plain text the way Ben does it.


George Murphy

I toyed around with two different ones. They are out on forgebox.





Both solutions are better than having nothing but as George mentioned there are better approaches and I will check for others too. I used ColdFish for an old blog and I am checking know how the WordPress and Drupal community handles those needs.

The worst case scenario is using pastebin an embedding code? Even easier to manage the CKEditor problems, especially when we want to edit the entry, it kills all old formatting etc. and it is a real pain.

Thanks again. Let me check what we can do.



I had been meaning to look into using Gists from GitHub also, but haven’t gotten to that yet.

Good idea checking what the big players are using.


We definitely need a module for highlighting. Lets collaborate and build it.

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Ok I just did a module for this:

Since Oguz was using PasteBin I created one for PasteBin. Check it out!