Add cftags component.cfc to CommandBox Embedded Server instance

I have an older app that I am trying to get setup and running with the CommandBox embedded server so that I can work on some updates locally and the app depends on the component.cfc that is found in c:\coldFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\web-inf\cftags. How can I get the embedded server to update it’s component.cfc with the component.cfc that this app requires?


I would recommend creating a base class that’s part of your application and not requiring a manual step of updating a core file thar ships from Adobe inside the CF engine. But to answer your question, you can find the current server home with this command:

open “server info property=serverHomeDirectory/web-inf/cftags”

Just be warned that if you change versions of the engine (such as a new Adobe update coming out), you’ll get a new CF engine installation which will be a fresh copy of all the files and any changes you’ve made to the component.cfc will need made again on the new server home.

Hi Brad,

That worked perfectly. Thanks.