Adding Coldbox to an existing website

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We are attempting to add Coldbox to an existing website that is not set up for Coldbox. We would like to chip away at the files to get them integrated into Coldbox little by little.
Is there an appropriate place for us to dump all of the files of our website into a Coldbox folder framework and still have the website run with Coldbox while we work on integrating the website files to appropriately use Coldbox?

Thank you for your help.

This blog series is targeted at FuseBox devs, but much of it will apply.

basically it all boils down to setting up your Application.cfc and tweaking the onRequestStart() method to control what requests are processed by ColdBox and what requests fall through to the legacy code.



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Thank you for this reference!


Here is a blog post outlining some of our experience with this process.

There is an upcoming session at Into The Box that you could come check out.

Migrating legacy applications to ColdBox MVC

Computer Know How

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And, of course, the “follow-up” to Into the Box, dev.Objective(). :slight_smile:

Thank you for the links, Seth and QuackFuzed. I will go through them today.