Curious question, is there a way to tell a route to look at handlers in a specific directory / path rather than bouncing all over the handlers directory looking for a matching handler?


I’ve been up and down this wikipage, but I don’t see this feature or perhaps I’ve got a bad case of TL;DR -

You mean to still have the “:handler” part be dynamic but to not have to specify the package in the URL?

Perhaps something like this:

And then the URL:

would map to the following handler?

Whereas, right now you would have to have the following URL:

OR have the following route:



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Correct. You’re following along to exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t see package argument in SES.cfc, so I’m assuming this is a new request? Should I open a ticket?

Yeah this is something that I fell victim too as well.

For example!topic/coldbox/YIlvSN3Ybfw

and the replies!topic/coldbox/atjvKjLG9qk

If I read you right, but no matter what, you can’t tell it to use a specific handler without it being in the pattern. In my example I had folders in the handlers folder to separate handlers into groups, and I could never figure out how to expose that to the pattern without letting the user know about it.

I am sure I raised a ticket for this, but I am unable to find it so I may not have.