[ announcement ] ColdBox 4.2.0 Released!

For the full blog entry and release notes, click here: https://www.ortussolutions.com/blog/coldbox-420-released

We are excited to announce the general availability of ColdBox 4.2.0. This release includes tons of fixes but also great new features and speed improvements. If you have CommandBox installed, you can upgrade now by just typing: box update coldbox or get started with a new ColdBox app by typing: box coldbox create app --installColdBox.

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Here is a synopsis of the major feature updates and improvements in this release.

Travis Integration


All pull requests will now have Travis integration to verify the consistency and quality of them. This will also help promote our collaborators to enhance our test suites and feel good that what they are sending doesn’t break the core. Check out our new Travis page: https://travis-ci.org/ColdBox/coldbox-platform

CommandBox Integration


We have fully documented the approach to hack in our source code. This will allow collaborators to just download CommandBox, fork our repo, and type box install && box server start and start collaborating. We are incredibly focused in this release to make it easier for people to collaborate with ColdBox.

Route Support for Integration Testing

Our integration testing method execute() now supports a route and querystring arguments. This will allow you to test any route in your system and make sure that they are parsed correctly by the url mapping and routing services. This is great for testing your RESTFul services and routing.

Get rendered content easily

If you are doing integration tests and you pass in the renderResults argument to the execute() method, you can now very easily retrieve the rendered content from the event object via the new method:event.getRenderedContent(). No more trying to figure out what rc variable it was placed in.

New event.getHTTPBaseURL() method

We have added a convenience method usually used in <base> tags to give you a protocol sensitive base URL for your applicaiton. This will determine if you are in SSL mode or not and give you the rigth base URL.

Population Enhancements

The populateModel method has been enhanced to take in new arguments: * memento So you can populate directly with any a-la-carte structure * json So you can populate from any JSON packet * xml So you can populate from any XML packet * query So you can populate from any query

No more config ma!

This update allows you to create ColdBox apps with no ColdBox.cfc configuration object. Great for simple mockups and no fancy configs

No more handlers ma!

Since we introduced modularization, the core app no longer requires handlers to function. You can even create applications with no handlers, just views now.

View Caching Flag

You can now declare a new coldbox directive flag: viewCaching which can enable or disable view caching globally in your application. Great for environments.

Just an FYI that I believe there’s a typo in this post and in the blog post: you list the new function as:

New event.getHTTPBaseURL() method

but I believe it should be: