[Announcement] ColdBox Connection Meeting Today!

Just a reminder, we’re starting the ColdBox Connection meetings back up and we’ll be having one today at Noon Central Time.

Today will be pretty laid back. Curt is going to do a brief demo the awesome new Dynamic Finders. (http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/WhatsNew:3.5.3.cfm)

For the rest of the hour, we’ll just leave the room open for whoever wants to come and go and ask questions or get some coding help.

Here is the meeting URL:



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Hi guys–

Thanks for putting this on today. I enjoyed the presentation–the Dynamic Finders are a cool feature, and I’m looking forward to start working with them.

FYI, after all the connection issues were worked out, the full presentation was about 30 minutes. Personally, I thought that was about the perfect amount of time for something like this, especially if there is a bit of time at the end (like today) for other discussions, etc.

Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to the next one!