[Announcement] CommandBox 5.2.0 Released

Read the blog post here: https://www.ortussolutions.com/blog/commandbox-520-released

Just wanted to say, my remote job is Apache with Coldfusion, but all my own personal stuff is IIS with Lucee. When I got back to working locally, my Lucee was hosed. So, for the fifth time, I tried out CommandBox. This time it’ll stick! I’m really digging what’s going on in there. I can get to a real Lucee server/web admin page, the data is saved between restarts as expected. It’s easy to start up and shut down. I can even run on port 80 as long as I stop my Apache. But I don’t have to stop my Coldfusion servers (two instances), while still running two instances of Lucee via CommandBox.

Great job guys, just… awesome work.

I would make a slight recommendation, though. I tried (in the interest of POC) running my work CFML on a Lucee engine. As expected, CFML flavor prevented it from running. But I didn’t even KNOW that was the case! Finally, I thought “is there a log?” Sure, “server log” shows it. But if possible, it would be great if the server starts, but stops from an error, that CommandBox maybe lets you know. (Kind of how, I think, “httpd” for Apache will say “Yeah, there’s an error, check the log.” In CB case, maybe tell you how! That’s the only real critique I have after several days of using it!

Can’t wait to see how I can do this with Docker!

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Hi @CaptainPalapa Since the server start command is asyncronous by default so it doesn’t have a good way to output anything once it’s completed and dropped you back at the prompt. If you want to debug why a server isn’t starting, we cover that in the docs here:
And it’s basically something like this

server start --debug

which will force the start command to be synchronous, ensuring you see all the details of the server until it’s up and running.

Also, if you set Apache to not bind on all hosts, you can use the commandbox-hostupdater plugin which allows you to run all your local sites on port 80 since it assigns a separate localhost IP for each site.

Thanks for those tips. I’ll definitely check them out, you know, when I’m not working overtime on the “real” job! Hah. I know you do a lot of work on the CommandBox. Thanks for making it so awesome, Brad!

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