Another install error "Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface coldbox.system.web.servi

So I had posted last week about some install issues with railo and content box. For the life of me I still could not get this to work even after trying a number of different solutions. So I thought I would try installing content box with good old coldfusion 10.

After installing CF 10 and running the content installer I get this message

"Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface
Ensure that the name is correct and that the component or interface exists. "

This happens after I have put in my data source name and click “start installation” it spins for a few seconds and then I get this error

This is a little more on the debug out

186 : 	<!--- Exception Service --->
187 : 	<cffunction name="getExceptionService" access="public" output="false" returntype="any" hint="Get ExceptionService:">
**188 : 		<cfreturn CreateObject("component", "").init( this )/>**
189 : 	</cffunction>
190 : 

Thanks for any help!



There has to be something wrong with your coldbox install. Do you have a global cf mapping for coldbox


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Hi Luis,

I basically just went over the instructions on the site

I did not see any mention of installing coldbox. I understand this runs on coldbox but I was under the assumption that it was packaged as one?

I have no problem installing coldbox and if needed I can, like I said I was just going off the install docs and it did not mention coldbox as a requirement.



So I was looking at the package I downloaded from the contentbox site and it looks like coldbox is part of that package correct?

Do I need to setup a cf mapping to it?

No it is embedded. You don’t need to install it. What my question was is there a global cf mapping that might be conflicting.

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Ok, umm the only mapping I have set is one called cms and I placed all the install files in that directory / mapping

Could this cause an issue?


Is it required to be embedded?

I’ve had an existing coldbox 3.5.1 app running for months now, and I thought I could just copy only the ContentBox modules into my app, create the contentbox dsn and run the installer but I get this error:

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface

The docs has a broken link to http// found on this page: . Its missing the : colon. But the resource is missing.

Does anyone have this resource posted online? I’m little lost installing into an existing coldbox app.


  1. Drop all ContentBox modules in your app modules

  2. Make sure orm is enabled and copy or update the orm settings in the ContentBox application.cfc into your apps application.cfc

  3. Open your apps /config/ColdBox.cfc and make sure orm injection is enabled for the app

  4. Open the File /modules/contentbox-ui/ModuleConfig.cfc and locate the this.entrypoint = “”; Now add an entry point to the blog/cms module. This is mandatory in order to segregate the cms to an entry point URL. If you keep it empty then it takes over your entire app.