Anyone Using Curt Gratz ContentBox formbuilder 1.0

Hi Guys,

Is anyone using Curt Gratz’s ContentBox formbuilder 1.0? Couple of questions. How do I change the layout from being inline to block? My labels are not showing up. What do I need to change to make those appear. Also the captcha is not showing up?


George Murphy

I think you should edit the way the form is rendered. Try to give a look in module/views/viewlets

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for that. I am looking for the correct syntax to display my label wrapper in the form.
I have attached a screen shot. from the admin. What is the correct syntax to put in the input box to render the label wrapper?

Could you upload to github? It was easy give support if we can see the code…

But “div” in the box George and it will be wrapped with a div, etc.


Here is how my setup looks for a site we did recently. This is the Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 compatible containers and classes.


Thanks guys!

Hi Seth & Curt, that did it. Where should I do my field validation at?


George Murphy

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