Anyone want a new job?

Hey Everyone,

Just out of curiosity, any rockstar-level CF/CB developers out there looking for a new gig?

I’m still trying to determine if our next hire is a back end or front end developer and I thought I’d gauge the interest level from the CB community.

In my mind, my perfect developer would…

  • have experience in enterprise or large-scale development
  • love writing cfscript and only use cfml for views
  • have experience with cfORM
  • have experience with TDD and/or continuous integration
  • have Flex experience and/or serious JS chops (we wear multiple hats)
  • be willing to relocate to Bloomington, Indiana (we’ll help with relocation costs)
  • be pragmatic and very opinionated
    That’s the short version of my 2:30am wish-list for a perfect candidate…

If you are interested at all, please connect up off list…

More details about my company can be found here @

Luis, ready to move on from consulting? :wink:

Thanks everyone!

Hey Ben, looking at that website, it sounds like a cool project. As a
purely unsolicited suggestion, however, I'd say that if you really
want to attract some of the best and the brightest, you should
consider opening it up to remote employees. CF development seems to
be somewhat regional and a relatively small group compared to some
other languages. But regardless of language, really good developers
can be hard to come by and I've found that companies that require
insist on folks working in Town X have a harder time attracting good

I'm in Portland, Oregon, for example and my lead developer is in
Denver. We work together via a combination of bug tracking, email, IM
and phone. When we go to hire our next dev, I'll be looking for the
right person regardless of where they live.

Anyway, I'm just out there evangelizing for hiring the best people for
the best companies. I'd love to see all the awesome CF companies
providing awesome jobs for all the really great devs I know are out
there and all those great devs living where ever they and their
families love to be.



Thanks a ton for the feedback.

I’m willing to pay a premium to bring someone to Bloomington. But, if that fails, I will consider a remote worker. I’ve worked with remote teams for close to a decade. The benefits of having someone onsite are immeasurable especially when developing outside of the normal web-app paradigm.

All that being said, if someone on this list is interested and not willing to relocate, I would love for them to still apply! That’s just one of the factors.