AOP Error

Hi Guys, I am trying to do a proof of concept using wirebox 1.6 as a standalone and doing some AOP. Here are my steps. Thanks for you help in advance.

  1. Setup my listener in wirebox.cfc Binder
    { class=“wirebox.system.aop.Mixer”,properties={} }

  2. Create the aspect in Wirebox

  3. Create the binding

The uploadObj component is a very simple component with an index method with no arguments in the index method.

I am getting this error

The invokeMethod function does not specify the same required value for the invocation argument in the config.UploadLoggingAspect ColdFusion component and the wirebox.system.aop.MethodInterceptor ColdFusion interface.

Here is the AOP .UploadLoggingAspect.cfc


  • @hint I will apply ColdBox logging to my fileUpload Method
    component implements=“wirebox.system.aop.MethodInterceptor” accessors=“true”{


  • Constructor
    function init(){
    return this;


  • The AOP method invocation
    any function invokeMethod(invocation) output=false{

// proceed invocation
local.results = arguments.invocation.proceed();

if(StructKeyExists(local, “results”)) {
return local.results;


The argument needs a “required”

​(Required invocation)