AOP in ContentBox modules

Have been playing around with AOP in ContentBox, in one of my modules. When I wrote a simple one based on the docs, I have no issue seeing the logs that it logs. If I do something like this in the moduleConfig.





However, I noticed that you can also do the binding with annotations. Except the following doesn’t work, if I remove the bindAspect from the moduleConfig component and just try to use the following as from the docs.


  • @classMatcher any

  • @methodMatcher annotatedWith:cronusLogger


component implements=“coldbox.system.aop.MethodInterceptor” {


I am at a loss to explain this, and have double checked the annotations and don’t see anything wrong.

Luis, you there can you explain why this is not working?

I would have to test it Andrew. Will run the unit tests.

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