Apache 2.2 + .htaccess == Rogue Request

Strange one here. The setup:

Windows XP Pro
Apache 2.2.x
CF8 Developer (in JRun config)
ColdBox 2.6.3

Using the sample .htaccess (http://ortus.svnrepository.com/coldbox/trac.cgi/wiki/cbSESGuide#a.htaccess) causes the DefaultEvent to be fired immediately following any and every request. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

where did you place your .htaccess file?

For the .htaccess file to work as expected, you need to make sure

1. You have mod_rewrite turned on in your httpd.conf
2. That you have SES URLs turned on in ColdBox (I think, otherwise
what's the point, right?)


and you need allowOverride not to be set to none in your <directory>
tag in httpd.conf

The issue is not that rewrites are not taking place. The issue is that the rewrite is causing a secondary request to the DefaultEvent to be fired (transparently to the user) after every single request.