Application.cfc and extends="coldbox.system.coldbox" per app mappings


I'm trying to start my first ColdBox app at work today and have
encountered a problem. We are trying to use per app ColdFusion
mappings setup in Application.cfc and this includes the ColdBox
mapping as well. We are trying to avoid mappings in admin.

The Application.cfc extends "coldbox.system.coldbox" by default but
because the Coldbox mapping does not exist yet an error is obviously

<cfcomponent extends="coldbox.system.coldbox" output="false">


Is there a way around this or is the only option to setup a Coldbox
mapping in the Admin?



Hi Ilyas,

You can use Application.cfc without inheritance.

You can grab ApplicationTemplates from SVN.


Thanks Sana, I will give it a try.

Is there any particular advantage of using one over the other?