Archives with more than max Entries and 2 or pages doesn't work

The following link

Should show the next entries, yet it shows a blank page. The problem here is MaxEntries is 10, number of entries for the selected month is 14, resulting in 2 pages. Page 1 works fine, page 2 shows nothing.

Ok have tracked it down to the following code, which explains why Categories and Searches work.

// prepare paging plugin
prc.pagingPlugin = getMyPlugin(plugin=“Paging”,module=“contentbox”);
prc.pagingBoundaries = prc.pagingPlugin.getBoundaries(pagingMaxRows=prc.cbSettings.cb_paging_maxentries);
prc.pagingLink = CBHelper.linkBlog() & “?page=@page@”;

// Search Paging Link Override?
if( len(rc.q) ){
prc.pagingLink = CBHelper.linkBlog() & “/search/#rc.q#/@page@?”;
// Category Filter Link Override
if( len(rc.category) ){
prc.pagingLink = CBHelper.linkBlog() & “/category/#rc.category#/@page@?”;