Autowire and cfproperty

I'm having a heck of a time with this. In my model MyDAO.cfc, I have
the following:

<cfcomponent name="MyDAO" output="false" autowire="true"
  <cfproperty name="dsn" type="coldbox:datasource:MegaSquirt"
  <cfproperty name="cbController" type="coldbox" scope="instance">

  <cfset instance = {}>

Now, based on my config, Autowire is enabled:

<Interceptor class="coldbox.system.interceptors.Autowire" />

I have tried re-initing the framework, however, when trying to call:


I get the following error:

Element DSN is undefined in a Java object of type class

In my handler, I am calling my model based on the function of ColdBox

<cfset var test = getModel("MyDAO")>

Am I not supposed to be using Autowire within my model and use it only
in my handler or...? Hopefully this makes sense.

Why you have <cfset instance = {}> in CFC. May be this one is
overriding the value.
Also try with variables scope

<cfproperty name="dsn" type="coldbox:datasource:MegaSquirt"
Then inside of any method do variables.dsn.getName()