Autowire handler init argument

Does the autowire interceptor inject the arguments of the "init"
function in the handler? I was hoping to do the following:

  <cffunction name="init" access="public" returntype="any"
output="false" hint="constructor">

    <cfargument name="controller"

    <cfargument name="Settings"

    <cfscript> something with arguments.settings ....</cfscript>

    <cfreturn THIS/>

I know I can do it with property injection but I wanted to do some
initialization based on the settings only once.

I now realize this was a bit of a dumb question since a) I can just
call "getSetting('myHandlerSetting')" in the "init" function and b)
ColdBox is the only code which will create a handler object so the
wiring of the function arguments isn't exactly necessary however I
still would have thought from the WireBox documentation that the
function arguments would have been autowired.

If you read the docs, and if I understand you right.

If you are passing a once off init, in wirebox you can add a map with an initArg()

Hope that helps.

I was trying to autowire the "init" function (constructor) of my event
handler so I'm pretty sure mapping it in my wirebox config with an
initArg() won't work (I'm assuming ColdBox doesn't use WireBox to
create it's event handlers).

From the documentation "Each constructor argument receives a inject
annotation with its required injection DSL". I'm guessing this
doesn't apply to event handler constructors. Then again, I'm also
having the same issue with autowiring an argument in my interceptor so
maybe I have something wrong with my syntax.