autowiring error

I am sporadically receiving the following error. The particular
handler changes. I am not sure what could be causing this problem.
Certainly, my main is wired up properly at some point for I have had
logging messages out of it. And, I have not changed anything in main
for over a month. I am using CB 3M5, with CF 9 on IIS. Any

autowiring handlers.Main. This appender
'coldbox.system.logging.appenders.AsyncRollingFileAppender' must
implement the 'logMessage()' method."
Execution Exception ExtraInfo:CFErrorType=Autowire.AutowireException

Below is another example of this issue. I had done a refresh in my
browser (FF). All was okay. I then realized I wanted to change the
string within a couple logging messages, no variables, just further
info to clarify the message. I refreshed the browser again after
saving the source and received:

Execution Exception ExtraInfo:CFErrorType=Autowire.AutowireException
CFDetails=coldfusion.runtime.CustomException: This appender
'coldbox.system.logging.appenders.AsyncRollingFileAppender' must
implement the 'logMessage()' method.

Which makes no sense to me at all. All I did was change:

<cfset variables.logger.debug("canTryAgain is #canTryAgain#") />


<cfset variables.logger.debug("register: canTryAgain is
#canTryAgain#") />

This is new behavior. Could it have something to do with using CLIENT
variables? I introduced those recently.


Try m6