AWS CacheBox Interface?

ColdBox peeps!

Soon, I begin work to move an application from our traditional HA environment into the AWS cloud. One of the first tasks will be enhance CacheBox so it can work with the AWS ElastiCache.

I’ll donate my work to the ColdBox project by submitting a pull request to make this CacheBox provider/store part of the core; however, before I begin, I wanted to ask the group to see if anyone completed this work already.



HI Aaron,

I’m in a similar position to you. I don’t use ElastiCache but I do use a standalone EC2 instance running MemCached (basically because until recently you couldn’t get reserved elasticache instances so it was very expensive) – but it’s basically the same thing.

I have actually got something working, but I’d say it’s only 75% working - Basically I don’t have a memcachedProvider, just a memcachedObjectStore. So I still use the ColdboxProvider with a different object store.

Really, from what I gather to do it totally properly, you should instead create a memcachedProvider and a memcachedIndexer – I did start working on both of these but didn’t get very far.

Most of what I did use was from cfmemcached – which you can find here:

That’s quite a good place to start…



Sounds like we had the same thought process. I was going to use as much from as I could.

I’ll post my results.


This might help as well:

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Ortus Solutions, Corp

ColdBox Platform:
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I am looking to leverage AWS caching as well. Just curious if you wrote a provider/store for this and published it? Trying to save some time by not recreating the wheel if possible :).




We’ve been using this project for some time: SyrioForel/cfc at master · aarongreenlee/SyrioForel · GitHub

I’ve just not found the time to clean it up and document it for general use.