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Hi guys,

I am playing with Contentbox for the first time and so far so good. We are using AWS Beanstalk with Tomcat/Railo/Contentbox with RDS and after a few stumbles we have a working environment… I think.

Couple of things…

  1. Occasionally an instance will terminate and a new one launched from an image. When this happens contentbox dsncreator kicks in and asks for a dsn. When I enter it contentbox reads in the existing database and all is good. However these instances will be random and I need the dsn set automatically. Do I have to create a datasource named “contentbox” or add this as a property / config somewhere?

  2. When setting up tuckey url rewriting I read somewhere that contentbox strips ‘index.cfm’ out of the paths in the Routes.cfm. Are there any other touches on config files that I need to be aware of? My concern is in the context of the images we are building.

Actually an fyi on the tuckey setup… the passthrough condition should also include dsncreator and the installer otherwise the web page loops ie… the urlrewrite file should have:

  1. Has anyone else set up contentbox on aws? Any gotchas?



Hey, welcome to ContentBox. It sounds like you’re doing some cool stuff. I haven’t personally used it on AWS. Did you make your image out of a pre-installed ContentBox setup, or just the files exactly as downloaded? The installer does edit the application.cfc and routes.cfm (if using rewrites) so you’ll want to make sure you run the installer, and then REMOVE the installer modules for security. Then once everything is locked down and running, make your machine image.

Out of curiosity, what/where is your DB hosted?

I’d love to see a blog entry or maybe a quick demo of your AWS configuration for others to follow.



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Thanks Brad. Turned out to be an out of date application version. Our error.

We’re still working through an evaluation of AWS for production. Will be happy to write it up once we’ve finished.

The DB is an Amazon RDS instance running mysql.