Best practice for request loading

What is the best practice?

When is more the question…there are some things I want to setup on any request but want to use coldbox framework code to do it.

application.OnRequestStart() → I could not access the wirebox here so I’m assuming that CB framework code is unavailable. The MVC diagrams online sort of suggest that.

Intercepter preProcess() → storing stuff to rc so this should be ok right. Create a “requestsetup” interceptor so I can put things there or create multiple interceptors? Since they are application scoped I don’t see a problem with this because I’m only populating event. I also assume that everything is properly locked so I can actually get at session or request specific settings? Say for example I wanted to wrap CGI in a facade.

handler.preHandler() → safe choice, but i would be replicating a ton of code or have to extend my handler classes from some other base to include “common” code.

Is there somewhere in the documentation that talks about this kind of work flow question?


If I need something for every request in the system, I usually do this on the preprocess interception point.


So when is it right to us a request context decorator?