blank page.


I am trying to integrate Coldbox into an existing application. I do have other working instances.

I am getting blank pages; no html, no source, no generated content, no rows etc

(Coldfusion 11 / Apache Webserver / )
( ColdBox SEEK 3.5.3 Jeremiah 29:13 )

I pulled the files out of /Config, and replaced with the Coldbox.cfc from the superSimple template.

I replaced the handler with a dump on request with abort, got a good dump. ok, removed the abort
There was a function in there and I was able to check that the view and handler were correctly listed.

still getting a blank page, but now the contents appear to be coldbox not mine…

starts with::::

type="text/javascript" /* 
![CDATA[ */_cf_loadingtexthtml="
img alt=' ' src='/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/resources/cf/images/loading.gif'/ ";

ends with ::::

// Timed Refresh
function cachebox_timedRefresh(timeoutPeriod) {


Any ideas why I would not be getting the real thing?

If your Application.cfc has an onError method, comment it out so you will get a ColdFusion error that will help you fix the issue, instead of the blank white page.

Gary are you using the UI elements of ColdFusion, if so stop right there and look at something else. Going forward those tags and functions for UI will be obsolete in time.

My guess is that the Ajax stuff is doing something you’re not expecting and stopping the page from continuing further.

@JP - > Thanks. I have one that should email or route something to the screen but I will try this.
@AScott -> CFUI no SS et team beat that out of me ( This is a really simple page, hello world basically, no model, just a handler and a view.

I always find it best to start simple, and build up.

Thanks for the ideas, I will keep you updated.

@JP and @AScott.,

Well I am getting output now. I used both of your suggestions to some point.

Set ShowMetheWhiteSpace to true (Suppresswhitespace directive)

set all functions output to true (Application.cfc) and handlers/main.cfc

set debugging from Dockable to Classic

Finally got to see the issue, handlers/main.cfc was picked up from another application and extended some common security code. Removed the extends= and got my page.

So kudos to both commenters.

And now to bring out my favorite song (to ’ No Business like show business;)
There’s no spaghetti like inherited spaghetti!

Off and running … once I figure out that common code!

Yeah well all I know is that the following snippet of code is to do with the CF Ajax and UI stuff.

starts with::::

type="text/javascript" /* 
![CDATA[ */_cf_loadingtexthtml="
img alt=' ' src='/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/resources/cf/images/loading.gif'/ ";

ends with ::::

Ensuring that the Application.cfc file has it’s onError function commented out is a great place to start when ColdBox returns blank pages.
Thanks for the tip Jim.