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If a entry has an excerpt and by pressing *read more", the content will be displayed, but also the comment form. How can switch this automatism off? From my point of view, the comment form should not be displayed by default. I prefer to display it, after the comment link was hit.



Which theme are you using?

I’m building my own one, using code and snippets from the Goodness theme.

There is no setting or configuration (that I know of) to do this automatically. I would suggest adding some JavaScript to the .cfm to hide the form initially and then reshow on button click.

Yes, that maybe your way, but it doesn’t suit the way I or others use it.

However you have to realise that the themes (layouts) are what ever you want them to do, so if you want to add JS like Luis has on the default theme, there is nothing stopping you.

And let me warn you know, the more clicks it takes to comment on your form, the less people will comment.

It isn’t my thing to switch it of with JS. I prefer to switch it off at it’s roots.

And let me warn you know, the more clicks it takes to comment on your form, the less people will comment.

Agree, but i can live with it, that a button must be hit. I prefer it to have the same regardless having an excerpt or not.


The problem is you’re talking about something at the theme level, so you are only going to be able to do what you need or want with how you design your layout / theme. So if you don’t like it, then you change it in your theme.

ContentBox just delivers what you ask for it to deliver.

Actuall I’m trying to find the piece of code, which loads the comment form with the full blog entry. Following renderContent() didn’t help.
Any idea, where I have to look?


If I’m following what you’re asking, I believe you’ll want to look in the entry.cfm view within your theme. As an example, the default theme has the following which shows the comment form:

> <div id="commentFormShell">
>     #cb.quickCommentForm(prc.entry)#
> </div>

(Here’s the source code:


Yes, right, but it isn’t the problem.

  • If an entry has no excerpt. the comment form will not be loaded.
  • If an entry has an excerpt and by pressing the “read more”-link to get the full story, the comment form will be loaded.

I can’t find the code, which handles this logic to change to my needs.

That’s right, but i can’t find a way to checkout, if actually the excerpt OR the full entry is loaded. Without this information, i can’t decide if the comment should be loaded or not.

Okay, this is solved too. Passing identifiying arguments to the several involved functions did the trick.

btw: The themes will disabling existing comments, if the comment function for a specific entry is disabled after comments are published already. I changed this way, that existing comments will be rendered, but the comment form will remain disabled.