BlogBox on Railo issues

After experiencing a few more small issues today, I have BlogBox running on Railo again, but discovered a few things along the way:

1.) Per Luis quick fix suggestion, I modified ColdBox.cfc to have:

include = [“blogbox”,“blogbox-ui”,“blogbox-admin”]

The modules were not loading in the correct order on my Linux machine, this forces them to. At least, for the most part. I think there might still be some issue with load order due to issue #3 below.

2.) I had to comment out the setType(“page”) and setType(“event”) in the init method of those two models to get everything up and running where I can see the blog now, navigate the categories, etc, This particular problem seems to be a Railo issue, I don’t think it supports setType() yet.

3.) There are a few scattered case issues that affect Linux, such as:


should be:


4.) I couldn’t get to the administrator unless I turned on debugging and manually reloaded the admin module, but after that I can access and login to the administrator. Otherwise I just get an error and just see the default BlogBox home page when I try to access /bbadmin. After reloading the module, it works fine, but I think this might be connected to issue #1 above.

5.) Even after I get the admin login page and login working, when I try to login, the login works, but then shows:

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: ORMService.MaybeInvalidParamCaseException : [N/A]
Error Messages: A null pointer exception occurred when running the count
The most likely reason is that the keys in the passed in structure need to be case sensitive. Passed Keys=ISAPPROVED

So, if I change this:

prc.commentsApprovedCount = commentService.countWhere(isApproved=true);

to be:
prc.args = {}
prc.args[“isApproved”] = true;
prc.commentsApprovedCount = commentService.countWhere(argumentCollection=prc.args);

Everything works fine and I can use the administrator. If I don’t do this, I just see an error page. I will do a little more testing to see if the arguments being converted to uppercase is a Railo issue. The problem happens on Windows and Linux, so I’m thinking it’s a Railo thing. I’ve seen people have problems before with the case of arguments if they weren’t declared with structure notation.

Do these 5 things and you should be able to run BlogBox just fine on Railo.