Blue Dragon

Trying to run ColdBox on BD and getting this error: Any ideas?

Function(s)onApplicationStart (/cftest/war/Application.cfc, Line=37,

+--loadColdbox (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc, Line=61,
+--loadApplication (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/services/
LoaderService.cfc, Line=40, Column=2)
+--loadConfiguration (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/web/loader/
CFCApplicationLoader.cfc, Line=34, Column=2)
DetailProblem occurred while parsing: Encountered invalid token after
"="Tag ContextCFFUNCTION (/cftest/war/Application.cfc, Line=37,

+-- CFSCRIPT (/cftest/war/Application.cfc, Line=38, Column=3)
+-- CFFUNCTION (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc, Line=61,
+-- CFSCRIPT (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc, Line=62,
+-- CFFUNCTION (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/services/
LoaderService.cfc, Line=40, Column=2)
+-- CFSCRIPT (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/services/
LoaderService.cfc, Line=45, Column=3)
+-- CFFUNCTION (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/web/
loader/CFCApplicationLoader.cfc, Line=34, Column=2)
+-- CFSCRIPT (/cftest/war/coldbox/system/web/
loader/CFCApplicationLoader.cfc, Line=38, Column=3)Source
71: }
73: //Create config Object
74: oConfig = createObject("component", configCreatePath);

Looks like your app uses a config CFC?

That CFC uses struct literal notation, yes? { .. { .. } .. }

That's only supported in very recent nightly builds of OpenBD and I
don't know how extensive that support is.

Which version of OpenBD are you using?


I am using the Google App Engine version of BD.


I don't believe that has all the functionality of the trunk version?
You might want to ask on the OpenBD list to see if anyone has ColdBox
running on GAE.

Can Railo run on GAE?

Railo does not run on the GAE, no, and last I heard there are no plans
to make it do so. The changes that OpenBD had to make for it to work
were reasonably substantial as I understand it and Railo has decided
to put their development effort into other features instead and let
OpenBD be the CFML engine on GAE.

Of course if I'm wrong, I'm sure that Sean will correct me since he's
now on the Railo team, but that was the result of the last round of
discussions about Railo and GAE on the Railo mailing list.


What Judah said!

Yup, the changes required to get OpenBD running on GAE were
substantial and it led to two separate code bases. I'm not sure how
often enhancements are sync'd up between the two code bases. I know
struct literals were only added to OpenBD's trunk fairly recently so
I'm not too surprised those haven't been back-ported to the GAE

Have you tried running ColdBox on OpenBD standalone locally? That
would at least confirm whether OpenBD's trunk can run things and then
you'd know it was due to features not yet back-ported to the GAE

We (Railo) don't want to support two code bases - one for GAE and one
for standalone - and, frankly, see no reason to compete with OpenBD in
the GAE space. They've done a lot of work on that platform and we
commend them for it!