Box slow to launch on Mac

Is there a way to speed up the launching of CommandBox on a Mac? If I type box in the terminal, it takes about 25 seconds for CommandBox to start and display the prompt (which is not so bad if you’re launching once and then working inside CommandBox, but if you have a script which has multiple calls to box whatever, then it gets very time-consuming…).

By comparison, I’ve seen it take about 2 seconds in Linux.

I suppose the other question is: are other Mac users seeing the same thing, or is it just me? It’s not the newest Mac, but it’s no slouch (2015 MBP, 2.7GHz i5, 8GB RAM).

Hi Seb,

What other programs are running? Box is usually quite speedy but I’ve noticed when I have a particular programs open it can take a long time. Examples are the Blackboard Chat tool and GoToMeeting at times. I havent done any further diving into why except I think those both use Java.


I can confirm that it is taking about 23-25 seconds for me. Newest MacBook Pro 16gb i7.

Nothing else running - same even directly after a reboot.