box start, load time at boot ?

Curious what a reasonable load time would be for a raspberry pi 3. How long should it take to start a server using “box start” that just has a basic hello world .cfm file in it? I’m at about 23 seconds. Good/bad? I have no idea, but I want the fastest start possible. Is there any way to speed that up?

Loading on boot using systemd service with no "After= ".

Thanks in advance.

Just to clarify, 23 seconds is just the command box part. Total load/boot time is right at about 1 minute boot.

I’d say 23 seconds is pretty good. RPI’s are a little short on CPU power so starting up a full JVM is always pretty much bound to the CPU. You’ll see it maxes out at 100% until it’s loaded. It takes my RPI site takes a bit to load at first, but once it’s up it’s pretty snappy. I can get 1000 requests per second out of a basic page.



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