Bug in AbstractFlashScope resetting inflateToRC and inflateToPRC properties

I’ve discovered a bug in the inflateFlash() method of AbstractFlashScope.cfc where it resets a variable’s inflateToRC and inflateToPRC properties back to their default values when the flash RAM is inflated. Due to the way inflateFlash() works, this bug only really affects variables with autoPurge=false (or those that have been “kept” for another request cycle.

The bug is on line 110 of AbstractFlashScope.cfc. Here is the original line:


As you can see, it doesn’t specify values for the “inflate” arguments so the default values are used. This fixes the issue:

put(name=key, value=flash[key].content, keep=keep, inflateToRC=flash[key].inflateToRC, inflateToPRC=flash[key].inflateToPRC, autoPurge=flash[key].autoPurge);

thanks fixed and just in time for 3.
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