I’ve looked into this whole DSL Dependency Not Found Exception, and I haven’t found a solution. We are running ColdBox version 3.8. The only places our platform throws this is after a server reinit, when we are calling a model that has a cfproperty injection. Nine times out of ten, the error is on the same injection - to a notification model (Notification.Send) that gets named ‘notifyUser’, but it can and has been others as well. I cannot reproduce this error, and it only seems to happen shortly after a reinit of the web servers.

The error:
Builder.DSLDependencyNotFoundException - The DSL Definition {JAVACAST={null},REF={null},SCOPE={variables},REQUIRED={false},VALUE={null},DSL={id:Notification\Send},ARGNAME={},NAME={notifyUser}} did not produce any resulting dependency

The cfcomponent property injection:

The functions that are being called by the application don’t always use these injected functions when they fail. Several of the errors we’ve received are simply using a function within a model that injects these, but not actually calling those injected functions. 99% of the time, the model works flawlessly, but after a server reinit, we typically get a couple of these errors come in, and 9 times out of ten, it’s the one above.

I’d be most appreciative for any suggestions you may have. Thanks.

Is that injection DSL correct? Is that a custom DSL? How are you registering your objects in your Wirebox.cfc (mapDirectory(), etc. )?

Wonder if you need to use the provider syntax to get around a chicken-egg situation?


Thanks Tim. I’m not getting emailed the updates like I’m supposed to, so I didn’t get your reply last week. It is a custom DSL, but I didn’t set it up, another member of my team did. I’ll go look into it and take into account your comments. Thanks again for the input. This is very helpful.