BuildLink and queryString

Hi - I have always used the buildLink function like so:

<a href="#event.buildLink( 'catalog.config?
cid=edit&pos=#idx#' )#">edit config</a>
This gives me the following link:


However I noticed that I was not validating XHTML 1.0 Strict because I
was using unencoded ampersands.

When I changed this in the buildLink code above the link did not
properly convert the entity reference &amp; to an & in the created

So I checked out the 3.0 RC1 API and saw that I could (by the way:
should?) use the "linkto" and "queryString" args like so:

<a href="#event.buildLink( linkTo='catalog.config',
queryString='cid=edit&pos=#idx#' )#">edit config</a>

However, because I am using SES URLS, this converts by link to:

catalog/config/cid/edit/pos/450 (as I suppose it should)

So my question then becomes: is there a way to use buildLink without
having it convert *some* URLs into SES URLs? There are some URLs I
want SES friendly and others, like the ones shown here, where I prefer
to have traditional (ugly) query strings tacked on the end.

If there's not a way to do that, is there a way to use my original
code, but use the HTML "&amp;" so that it can validate? Do I need to
stick this inside the buildLink?



just use the linkTo as the main URL to relocate to

OK. So it appears that the only way to do this so that it both
validates as strict AND does not get translated into SES URLs is like

#event.buildLink( URLEncodedFormat( 'catalog.config?
cid=edit&pos=#idx#' ) )#

actually, need to make that:

#event.buildLink( URLEncodedFormat( 'catalog/config?
cid=edit&pos=#idx#' ) )#

it errors out if I do not change the period to a forward slash...