CACHE Disable Issue!


In development environment im facing cache issue, I don’t know how to disable cache .I can not see changes in output.
I changed the query but still same records are coming.
how to solve this issue??


turn off “Trusted Cache” in cfadmin.

Hi Aaron,

I did even I tried to after unchecking all cache, but still cache page is coming even remove everything from template results are coming.

Then I restart my cold fusion application server service then I saw changes



set all your settings to dev-friendly.

How can I do that can you please guide me ….


any setting that deals with caching, set to false.

Guys Please help me im beginner in coldbox this cache issue really frustrating.


Coldfusion Administration


function development(){

coldbox.debugPassword = “”;

coldbox.debugMode = true;

coldbox.reinitPassword = “”;

coldbox.handlerCaching = false;

coldbox.handlersIndexAutoReload = true;

coldbox.eventCaching = false;



defaultCache = {

objectDefaultTimeout = 0.1, // 120, ← Default two hours default

objectDefaultLastAccessTimeout = 30, //30 minutes idle time

useLastAccessTimeouts = true,

reapFrequency = 2,

freeMemoryPercentageThreshold = 0,

evictionPolicy = “LRU”,

evictCount = 1,

maxObjects = 300,

objectStore = “ConcurrentStore”, //guaranteed objects

coldboxEnabled = true


// Register all the custom named caches you like here

caches = {

// Named cache for all coldbox event and view template caching

template = {

provider = “coldbox.system.cache.providers.CacheBoxColdBoxProvider”,

properties = {

objectDefaultTimeout = 0.1, // 120, ← Default

objectDefaultLastAccessTimeout = 30,

useLastAccessTimeouts = true,

reapFrequency = 2,

freeMemoryPercentageThreshold = 0,

evictionPolicy = “LRU”,

evictCount = 2,

maxObjects = 300,

objectStore = “ConcurrentSoftReferenceStore” //memory sensitive

Please find Cold Fusion Administration Screen Shoot

Just so you get it right.

It is ColdFusion and not Cold Fusion. Secondly I answered you in another post.

Thanks Andrew to correcting me, it was typo.

Regarding caching issue, is there any way or easy solution to fix this?? Because as I told you im beginner. So it really hard to find what code I should use and where. Right now my goal is first build hello world application. But I can’t do anything because of caching issue.




If you’re free, I’d be happy to Google Hangout/Screen Share and see if we can resolve this. Just let me know when you’re free. I’m located in Franklin, TN, USA (CDT).

Hi Amir,

If you are stuck on caching issue, Please let us know, we will help you over skype or whatever you may like.

Problem could be in
1: config/Coldbox.cfc
2: cfquery cache-attributes
3: CF-admin cache settings

When ColdBox runs, it is initialized into the Application Scope, that means parts of the Application is cached in the Application Scope. Caching by default is not switched on for ColdBox, so lets remove that from the equation first.

The two settings you have, plus the Modules Reload is all that is needed to stop the caching into the Application Scope.

If you find that the things are still being cached, you can always do one of 3 things.

  1. Restart ColdFusion (use as last resort)
  2. Change Application Name
  3. Reinit the framework.

If doing any of these still gives you problems then you have a serious issue.

Hi sana,

Thank you very much Sana!

Really im stuck, because im still on starting level and these things discouraging me to continue.

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Thanks Again……

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