Cache manager errors under load. Any advice?

I have a live ColdBox app running on 2.6.4 (with CF 7) and from time
to time I get java.util.ConcurrentModificationException errors when
the site is under heavy load (~25 requests per second). These occur
when writing to the cache.

I am going to look at upgrading and tuning the JVM but I wondered if
anyone had any tips on adjusting the ColdBox cache settings. Here are
my cache settings:

  <!-- LFU/LRU -->

How about a stack trace of when the error happens. Luis did a lot of
retooling of the cache manager (which I still need to help test) that
I think he put in the 3 beta so this might be fixed. Either way, we
can't tell you much without a stack trace. Just paste in the full
error dump.


All of what Brad said!! :slight_smile:

And yes, the coldbox cache in 3.0 beta has been finely grained and updated. We know have also tons of concurrency and load tests which have really improved its performance. Plus we still need to update the API even more.

As for the concurrent modifications, it might be when reaping is done. But again, we need more info