Cache template is not registered.

I’m configuring cachebox for the first time and have run into a snag initializing the application.

An Unhandled Exception Occurred

An unhandled exception has occurred. Please look at the diagnostic information below:
Type CacheFactory.CacheNotFoundException
Message Cache template is not registered.
Detail Valid cache names are default
Extended Info

Tag Context I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\cache\CacheFactory.cfc (192)
I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\web\Controller.cfc (127)
I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\web\services\HandlerService.cfc (89)
I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\web\Controller.cfc (498)
I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\web\services\ExceptionService.cfc (51)
I:\common\frameworks\coldbox\coldbox_3.0.0.RC1\system\Coldbox.cfc (304)

I dumped the instance and arguments data from within CacheFactory found that HandlerService is passing the string “template” (indirectly) into CacheFactory.getCache(). The instance data (and exception above) indicate that string needs to be “default”. Upon further digging, it appears that getColdboxOCM(“template”) is hard coded several places in the framework core.

So my question is… have I inadvertently name my cache “default” or is this a bug?

Jason Durham


I believe a cache named “template” is needed if you are using CacheBox within a ColdBox application.


Thanks Curt. I only had defaultCache defined in my Coldbox config bean.

@Wiki managers
Perhaps I can suggest adding a footnote on indicating a “template” cache provider is required.


The wiki has been updated.


That was fast. Thanks again.