cache viewlet for user

I have a 'pod' that exists on each page of a website that holds
information based on some complex calculations that is perfect for a
cached viewlet.

I have a renderView('viewlets/pod') in my layout. The view runs the
event in my viewlets handler which runs some queries, etc.

Normally I would add a cache directive in the renderView method above
but the info displayed in this pod differs depending upon the user
that's logged in, so that would cache the view across sessions.

So basically I want to cache this viewlet on a session by session
basis and I am unsure as to the best way to do this in CB? I'm
guessing I append a suffix, etc. somewhere to differentiate ut not
sure where to do this?


I think you could cache unique views when using a prefix for cache
renderView(string view='', [boolean cache='false'], [string
cacheTimeout=''], [string cacheLastAccessTimeout=''], [string
cacheSuffix=''], [string module=''])

"cacheSuffix" would be different for each user.

ColdBox API are really helpful


The suffix us a great way to cache content that us unique to a user,
language, product, etc...

It is a powerful feature!

perfect - thank you both! I see the cacheSuffix was added in M4 for
renderView, but I missed it.