[cachebox-3.6] - Another Report Tool Issue

Sorry, keep forgetting about the naming convention for subject lines!

I have been working to get the cachebox report tool to load into our admin pages, but the problem is that our admin is SSL and we need the cache report to pull the data for each of the servers in our cluster, which use URLs that aren’t available via SSL. I’ve tried a few ways to do this, best seems to be loading them over an SSL proxy into an iFrame. The problem is that the cachebox report code strips the URL down to a relative path. So as soon as you switch to a different a cache name, it’s loading the data for the live server again (not what we want).

We’re looking at setting up a couchbase server for distributed cache but I expect we’re going to run into the same issue with that as well.

Mary Jo

Ah, I found the setting for baseURL in the monitor.cfm which I assume I can leverage to do this. I’ll have to just tweak my code a bit so I can pass that into the template in a way that will work for all my environments.

The other thing I’m trying to figure out is how I can get it to load with a cache other than the default (which I don’t currently use). Just changing the default for url.cbox_cacheName doesn’t seem to be enough to do this.

Mary Jo

Yeah looks like the reportHandler.renderCachePanel() doesn’t take that setting to set the initial cacheName. Would be nice if it did, but does look like I can work around that by passing it in on the URL.


Well, wasn’t quite as easy as that. But I did figure it out, by changing the default cacheName settings in ReportHandler.cfc and also updating the initial selected report in CachePanel.cfm. Seems like this should be easier than this but at least I did get it working.


Mary Jo. You can also build your own report skin.

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I know, but that seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to set a different default cache when it loads. We’re using cachebox as a standalone, so I’m guessing maybe with Coldbox the default cache is more typically used. I want our different cache areas to all have names that reflect what is in them, but renaming and/or removing the default cache doesn’t seem to be an option.

That also helps with our other issue of the polling always returning back to the default, FYI.

Mary Jo

MaryJo, I would recommend putting in a ticket for the change you’d like to see:

And if you like, submit your changes that you made for consideration as a pull request:



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Thanks Brad, I went to the Jira site earlier to do just that, but couldn’t find any information there on how to add an account.

The changes I made would not be suitable as a pull request, as they are too specific for my own application. I would need to rework a bit more code to make the cache loaded initially a dynamic setting. Which I might do when I have time, but am a bit snowed under right now.

Mary Jo