Cachebox CF9 cache provider only works with 9.0.1 and not 9?

I tried running the latest advanced application template, changed the
cachebox cache to CFColdBoxProvider, and received errors. Looking at
some of the code, it looks like the CFProvider.cfc is using functions
like the one below which (in theory, haven't upgraded yet) only work
in 9.0.1 and not in 9.0 (the second argument was introduced in 9.0.1.
doesn't exist in 9.0)

return cacheGetMetadata( arguments.objectKey,
getConfiguration().cacheName );

So I guess I just wanted to throw it out there in case it saves
someone time. Some of the features won't work on 9.0. Presumably need

- Gabriel


The cachebox provider for CF is only 9.0.1, its a free update :slight_smile:

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