CacheBox configuration question on ObjectDefaultTimeout

I've been combing through the Wiki Docs & API docs and tried searching
Google, but I'm not finding the info I want.

How exactly do the ObjectDefaultTimeout and
ObjectDefaultLastAccessTimeout work when using the default
CacheBoxProvider? How do the settings interact w/each other?

I'd like to configure a cache pool with the following rules:

* Items never expires, unless the cache is full
* If cache is full, then last used item is dropped from cache

I've got a situation where I have some slow executing code. The
results I'm caching are small in size and the returned data only
changes if we make schema changes to our application.

From what I can decipher:

* ObjectDefaultTimeout tells the CacheBox that an item should never
live longer than XX minutes
* ObjectDefaultLastAccessTimeout tells CacheBox to expire if it's been
longer than XX minutes since it was last used (if the
UseLastAccessTimeouts is set.)

So, if UseLastAccessTimeouts is enabled, does that mean
ObjectDefaultTimeout is irrelevant?

Is there some magic setting I can use to just make the cached items
never timeout?

Can I do something like objectDefaultTimeout=-1?

For as great as the CacheBox documentation is overall, I'm not sure
there's enough information in the "Default Cache Properties" section
to cover the actual properties--which are all pretty important because
they define the rules for the cache.