[cachebox] Reporting questions - Are there any skins? And a way to change the default cache shown?

I saw there was a contest for cachebox report skin development a while ago, did anything come from this? I am looking for additional skins to try out. Tried google and the website but didn’t come up with anything.

Also, is there a way to change the default cache shown on the report? I tried putting cbox_cacheName=mycache on the URL but that didn’t work. Also tried changing the default in monitor.cfm (line 53) :

But that didn’t help either. We don’t use the default cache, we use our own cache, so I’d like the report to start on that cache by default. It would be nice to just pass this in as an argument to the cachebox:monitor tag.

One more question/comment - I am embedding the report inside an existing layout. For a while trying to run the <cachebox:monitor /> tag would cause my layout to get all messed up. It seemed like all my CSS was getting stripped out. I finally tracked it down to the trailing slash on the tag. I had copied and pasted from the example in the wiki:
<cachebox:monitor cacheFactory="#cacheBox#"/>

When you call it with a trailing slash like that, the tag ends up getting called with an ExecutionMode of END. This results in this tag: running and never getting set back to false. The fix is easy, just move the line to underneath the execution mode check. I will send a pull request with this fix if I can find the github repository for it.


Thanks for the input Ryan. Send us a pull request and we will integrate. As for the default cache we can look into it as well or send a requedt