cachePut error

I'm simply performing a code analysis using CF9 built in scanner and
found a few errors within coldbox. Most of which can be safely
ignored, but one stands out regardless of its affect on this server
since it should have no affect. The code is within a directory
assumed to be Railo specific environment only, but still I can't find
documentation within Railo that shows correct usage of cachePut with 5
parameters as seen in the code.

Here is the error details:
Parameter validation error for the CACHEPUT function.The function
accepts 2 to 4 parameters.
  How to Fix
Try The Following: <br> <li>Submit a bug against ColdFusion. <li>Check
the CFML Reference to verify if you are using the correct syntax.
<li>Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem.
  <root>\coldbox\system\cache\providers\RailoProvider.cfc Line

325: else{
327: }

The Adobe CFML shows this for proper usage:
Function syntax
   CachePut(id, value[, timeSpan[, idleTime]])

If anyone has a link to documentation for Railo cachePut please let me

Unless the Railo documentation specifically states that the function/tag deviates from ACF, then it is assumed that it should have the identical footprint/usage.

Thats what I thought too, but I can't locate any documentation for
CachePut in Railo so at the moment I'm unsure.