Caching Strategy

Hi guys,

I’m starting to leverage caching more and was wondering if the experts can recommend some best practices on where to place the code that does the caching. What i’m trying to avoid is littering my services and handlers with stuff like:

//rough code
if (cacheKey exists){
//use cached object
//get new object

I’m using this within an API, so really I’m mostly dealing with caching objects and JSON.


  1. Would event caching come into play at all?
  2. Is there a streamlined way to setup a strategy to cache objects and retrieve objects - (maybe interceptor?)
  3. If I cache something within the API, and then I make a change with another app (admin site) which modifies the data of that object, what is a recommended strategy to purge or rebuild the object within the API?


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Hi guys,

Does anyone have any thoughts on below?



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